Strategic Human Resource Management Consulting


HR Retention to Reward

At Shilputsi, we provide a wide array of highly effective leadership and managerial training as well as people development solutions. We understand the needs of the organization accurately through our unique gap analysis in which we assess and identify disparities between managerial skills/ competencies and their targeted organizational objectives. Programs are designed to help bridge variances to accommodate visible as well as hidden limitations of management systems, making way for greater improvement and growth.

Our executive development services are conducted by reputed trainers, coaches and mentors, all with more than 15 years of experience in the field. These services include:
  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Leadership Team Building

  • Management Training

Coaching is a helping relationship in which the coach provides tips, guidance and support to executive managers and leaders. At Shilputsi, we design coaching programmes to foster and encourage a mindset that craves for constant upgradation of knowledge and skills. We ensure development of employee competencies, dynamism and motivation to meet future organization needs.
Our mentoring methods are designed to support learning with progress and thus, performance improvement for an individual, team or business. We focus on making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking; nurturing independent learners, supporting them to view issues from multiple perspectives and help them become effective decision makers.
At Shilputsi, we not only endeavor to improve leadership and inter-personal skills, but also help build relationships between leaders and their teams so that when a senior tries to satisfy his personal goals, organizational objectives are also met. This 'goal-synergy' is achieved through systematic leadership development strategies and training execution.
There is a growing need for development of an efficient management pool to meet the challenges of industry. Shilputsi's management training is based on definite strategies to improve managerial performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes and honing skill sets. We empower them for the future by creating an awareness of their personality, capabilities and management style as well as grooming them for larger responsibilities that lie ahead in their career.