Strategic Human Resource Management Consulting


India's Leading Management Consulting Firm.

Shilputsi is India’s leading Management Consulting Firm specializing in Strategic Human Resource Management Consulting. Founded in 1978, Shilputsi renders services across industries and geographies. Shilputsi helps organizations achieve their HR objectives by evolving strategies that are aligned with business plans and a focus on best practices. Shilputsi constantly aims at striking the perfect balance between organizational objectives and individual career aspirations to bring about a perfect fit between the organization and its human resources.

Strategic Organization Advisory and Talent Review & Analysis

Shilputsi provides strategic consulting for the organization as a whole; with a specialized focus on talent assessment and benchmarking in order to create value through qualified human resources.

Interim HR Management

Shilputsi can effectively assist the organization in the turnaround of underperforming divisions or projects by providing relevant short-term HR expertise that builds long-term value for the organization.

Executive and Leadership Development

Shilputsi recognizes the role of a proactive leadership in making the organization a force to reckon with in the industry; and thus provides excellent managerial search and selection services across all management levels, functions, and geographies.

Talent Acquisition and Outplacement Services

Shilputsi believes in acquiring the best talent across functions and geographies to ensure that client organizations in varied industries have access to a high quality HR pool that lets them employ those who fit perfectly with the organization's business objectives.