Strategic Human Resource Management Consulting


Interim HR Management is the rapid delivery of experienced, hands-on HR executives for a defined period of time to enable organizations to implement change, fill unexpected gaps and restructure the organization for better business processes. This leads to a turnaround of underperforming projects or divisions and efficient delivery of critical projects.

Interim HR Management can thus, best be described as a short-term injection of relevant HR management skills, which in the long term add value to the organization.

Our Interim HR Services are a high level intervention combined with on ground execution capabilities to deliver results. It is aimed to build sustainable HR systems and capabilities in a business or an integration process.

We do this via:

  • Analysis of the existing HR processes and systems from an external perspective
  • Alignment of systems and processes to achieve the strategic business goals and objectives
  • Effective people management to create a performance driven culture
  • Climate mapping and proactive employee engagement
  • Identification of gaps in the work culture
  • Identification of critical roles and valuable assistance in succession planning