Strategic Human Resource Management Consulting


HR Remodeling to Restoration

Shilputsi provides valuable strategic advisory services to organizations in the area of Human Resources Development.

Shilputsi arrives at HR Remodeling strategies based on the business strategies and organizational requirements gathered from clients, usually offering more than one innovative solution. Our consulting and advisory process involves:
  • Rapid business strategy reviews
  • Organizational requirement analysis
  • Existing HR practice reconciliation and
  • Finally, total process enhancement and restoration, using external benchmarks and business goals

Our Strategic Organization Consulting and Advisory Services cover:
Performance Optimization & Organization Development
  • Administrative policy review and formulation
  • Capability matching: management competency and effectiveness audit
  • Compensation and benefit surveys and remuneration structure planning
  • HR Audit: HR system and process review
  • Job and role definitions
  • Management due diligence for leadership skill mapping
  • Objective and goal setting for top management teams
  • Organization climate and culture studies
  • Organization design and structure
  • Performance appraisal reviews and formats
  • Performance planning and execution management
  • Reward scheme and systems design
Employee Engagement & Talent Management
  • Career development and managerial potential development
  • Culture acclimatization for foreign businesses and foreign nationals
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Leadership development and succession planning
  • Work level studies
  • Guidelines & framework for learning strategies & benchmarking
Talent Assessment & Benchmarking

HR Review to Remodel

In the changed economic scenario, companies have realized that hiring is not a simple and easily repeatable process. Hiring decisions need to be undertaken with an in-depth understanding of the available talent pool, skills that are a must-have in the candidate and skills that can be imparted on the job. Shilputsi has extensive knowledge of skill sets relevant to different industries, and offers Talent Assessment services to help companies evaluate potential hires.

Also, at strategic stages in a company's growth cycle, it needs to evaluate whether its current human resource skill sets are sufficient to carry it into its next phase. This is a complex evaluation and needs:
  • Identification of skill sets that are now necessary to the organization
  • Benchmarking of internal talent, as well as talent available externally in the industry
  • Identifying internal talent gaps, and defining skill upgrade and/or hiring strategies
  • Understanding talent flows within the industry (especially between competing companies)
  • Identifying growth, development and succession paths for skill sets at varying competency levels
Shilputsi leverages its years of experience across industries and in-depth understanding of skills and competencies to offer Talent Benchmarking studies to companies. Our benchmarking studies are holistic and well calibrated to ensure that companies get a clear understanding of how they can take their growth strategies forward. The benchmarking process involves:
  • Understanding client objectives for study
  • Identifying target group (individuals, roles, peer/competitor companies)
  • Finalizing companies and/or individuals to be benchmarked
  • Creating a benchmarking framework
  • Devising goal-based assessment criteria
  • Conducting assessment through questionnaires, interviews and tests
  • Reporting assessments on a rating scale