Strategic Human Resource Management Consulting


Shilputsi offers leadership and managerial search and selection services at management levels. Shilputsi attracts the finest talent in the industry and delivers services across varied geographies, industries and functions at an excellent speed of execution.

Shilputsi provides the following specialized services under talent acquisition:

Database Services

Shilputsi has a company-owned, digitally sorted database of over 100,000 resumes at the top, senior and middle management levels across various geographies, industries and functions.

Advertised Selection

Shilputsi provides effective advertising services for talent acquisition across both print and digital media. We provide an entire range of services from drafting the ad copy to sorting and short listing all received profiles to final interviews and remuneration negotiation.

Targeted Search

At Shilputsi, we conduct profile specific searches aimed at highly specialized jobs and skill sets, by investigating and mining the most appropriate talent for these roles. We support the process through extensive research and delicate handling of the specially steered search route.

The vigor of our methodology is in:

  • Accurately assessing client needs, business conditions & process in India & abroad
  • The ability to recognize motivational factors and outstanding skills required for success and achievement
  • Extensive knowledge and data-backed support on designing and negotiating terms of employment
  • Unequalled credibility with senior and top management professionals which enables us to connect and network with them
  • Extreme personalized attention paid to every assignment by consultants and engagement leaders
  • Prompt service and excellent speed of execution by a highly qualified team
  • 360 degree research of individual track records and specific degrees of professional survival quotient


In today's world where businesses constantly grow/ change, whether people develop or not, circumstances change and result into a need to review and evaluate the organization structure. This gives rise to the difficult task of managing a redundancy situation. If redundancy is not handled with utmost sensitivity and fairness and through empathetic procedures, it can have a disastrous effect by not only putting the organization in a bad light, but also being a traumatic time emotionally for the employee.

Our services mainly focus on equipping the executive with the skills to find employment in the shortest possible time. An outplacement programme is adjusted to the specific needs of the transitioning employee.