About Us

Our Story

In the sands of time, 1978 stands as a pivotal year when the seeds of Shilputsi were sown. Back then, the landscape of talent engagement and organisational development was not as advanced and awaited the touch of innovation. It was in this era of uncharted possibilities that Shilputsi emerged, guided by the visionary spirit of its founder, a trailblazing woman who shattered glass ceilings, not just as the first in her domain but also as the pioneer of Strategic HR solutions in India.

This audacious step marked the birth of an enterprise that would redefine the contours of culture-specific talent and HR challenges. Shilputsi became the harbinger of change, delivering innovative solutions that resonated with the nuances of the Indian workforce. Over the course of 45 transformative years, this female-led consulting firm etched its legacy as a luminary in India's HR consulting landscape, particularly renowned for its expertise in business-specific talent management.

Our Name

Shilputsi is a name that whispers tales of creativity, uniqueness and fragrance — a trinity that is embedded in its identity. It's a promise etched into every endeavour. The name encapsulates the essence of the organisation — the brushstrokes of creativity that adorn our work, the distinctive methodologies that set us apart and the fragrance of our services that linger long after the task is complete. Shilputsi signifies the symphony of 'creativity in work', the artistry of 'uniqueness in methodology' and the diffusion of services like fragrant petals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a forerunner as
- Advisors & Execution Partners in Strategic Talent & HR Transformation.
- Enablers in the Transforming of Organisations, their Governance as well as Leaders, providing them with Bespoke HR Processes, Finest Talent and Best Practices
- Guardians of Strategic Business & Sustainability goals to nurture a Positive Culture in everything we do.

Our Promise

Shilputsi is anchored in unwavering values, an intersection where tradition meets modernity, paving the way for a distinctive approach to challenges. Today, Shilputsi's impact stretches far beyond its birthplace. A web of partners spans continents, reaching across India, the USA, Europe and Asia. With a harmonious blend of expertise and execution speed, Shilputsi Consultants offers not just services, but personalised experiences that resonate across borders, transcending geographical confines.

From its modest inception to its towering present, Shilputsi's journey is a testament to the indomitable spirit of innovation, guided by values and led by pioneers. A narrative that continues to unfold….

Our Founders & Leaders

Through the years, Shilputsi has evolved into an entity that offers innovative HR solutions across a spectrum of clients. From international giants to mid-sized Indian enterprises that form the backbone of the economy, Shilputsi's reach knows no bounds. Its solutions aren't just transactional; they are transformative, fostering growth, nurturing talents and igniting change.

The story of Shilputsi isn't just about a business; it's a saga of grit, determination and the audacity to defy norms. It's a testament to the power of family, unity and the synergy between generations.

At the genesis of Shilputsi's extraordinary journey stands a woman of boundless vision and courage. The late Ms. Pratibha Sheth, a trailblazer in her own right, defied conventions to establish herself as the first woman in her domain to introduce the concept of business-specific strategic HR solutions to the Indian landscape. In an era when such ideas were unfamiliar, she was a pioneer, shaping a path for the transformation of talent engagement and organisational development.

Later, her husband (late Mr. Tarun Sheth) and eldest daughter (Ms. Shilpa Sheth) seamlessly joined her. Together, they sculpted Shilputsi into more than just a business – it became a formidable force, a testament to their collective dedication and shared dream. With each step forward, they imbued the firm with their unique insights, turning it into a significant player in the realm of HR consulting. Today, the torchbearer of this dynamic legacy is their youngest daughter, Purvi, who has been steering Shilputsi into a new era.

As Shilputsi journeys into the future, its narrative continues to unfold, painting the canvas of innovation and evolution under the blessings of those who dared to dream and create a legacy that endures.

Board and
Other Positions
Teaching, Publishing
& Other Interests
Education &
Expertise Areas
  • A demonstrated thought leader for innovative ideas and solutions that engage clients and their teams, Purvi helps create business opportunities and competitive advantage via modern and contextual talent strategies.
  • A highly respected expert consultant and advisor to esteemed companies, boards and CEOs. Her proficiency lies in developing substantial projects, guiding teams through complex strategic initiatives and making consistent contributions to the firm's intellectual capital.
  • Her commitment to upholding the organisation's mission and values while fostering team and individual growth establishes her as a standout leader in the HR field.
  • A career and personality coach and mentor to over 200 leaders in India and Chief Curator and Mentor for two highly acclaimed Leadership Mentoring franchises of Shilputsi – License to Lead and Ascendency.
  • Purvi has a well-known and successful track record of elevating organisational performance through skilfull leadership management and HR restructuring.
  • Purvi has the innate superlative ability to translate solutions into practical and profitable application as an expert in the identification, analysis and resolution of diverse operational HR issues while simultaneously maintaining cultural context and offering executionable solutions.
  • A skilled presenter, communicator and trainer, Purvi has had great success impacting organisational and leadership performance and reputation.
Board & Other Positions
  • Board Member and NRC Chair, Member CSR Committee & Risk Committee – AMBUJA (ADANI) CEMENT LTD.
  • Board Member and NRC Chair, Member CSR Committee - DEEPAK NITRITE LTD.
  • Board Member and NRC Chair, CSR Committee Member – IMAGINE MARKETING LTD. (BoAt)
  • Board Member, Stakeholder Relationships Committee and NRC Member – KIRLOSKAR OIL ENGINES LTD. (KOEL)
  • Board Member - LASTAKI ADVISORS
  • Advisor and Member - Family Business Council – Indian Family-Owned Diversified Business Houses
  • POSH Advisor and ICC Member for various companies
  • NRC and Board Advisor to listed and unlisted entities
  • Executive Council Member - Bombay Management Association
  • Mentor - ASCENT Foundation (a Harsh Mariwala Initiative)
  • Erstwhile Mentor, Entrepreneurship Cell - IIT (B) and JBIMS
Teaching, Publishing & Other Interests
  • Contributor to the UK-published 'India Business Guide' for three consecutive years.
  • Guest columnist for Business Standard, Business Today, Economic Times, Financial Express, Indian Management Magazine, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Hindustan Times, Businessworld, Entrepreneur.com, Zee Business Online, Moneycontrol.com, Money Life and Business Manager Magazine.
  • Faculty for OD and HR at Symbiosis Institute of Management (Pune) for two consecutive years.
  • Guest Faculty/Speaker at Ashoka University, BiTSom, FME, IIM (Ahmedabad), IIT (Bombay), Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, NEN, NITIE, St. Xaviers College and TiE (Mumbai and Delhi Chapter).
  • Guest Speaker at over 50 Conventions, Conferences & Corporate Events.
  • Founder at 'The Happy Kitchen', A weekend cooking service where patrons pay by donating to the St. Jude India ChildCare Centres for children with cancer.
Education & Certifications
  • CPD Holder: Business Strategy & Leadership Management – Wharton Business School, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics & Political Science – St. Xavier’s College, Bombay (Stood First in dept. of Economics & Political Science)
  • Trained in Writing & Journalism - Xavier Institute of Communication, Bombay
  • Youngest Certified Leadership Grid Trainer (Blake & Mouton)
  • Youngest Certified GE (General Electric) Interviewing Skills Trainer
  • Certified Board Director, Directors Club, Hunt Partners
  • Certified Board Director - IICA
  • Certified POSH Practioner - NIDM
Founding Team

Other Positions
Teaching, Publishing
& Other Interests
Education &
Expertise Areas
  • The late Ms. Pratibha Sheth was a management consultant of immense experience and credibility and the first woman to pioneer and establish a strategic HR consulting firm in India.
  • She built India's first integrated HR consulting firm and was the first woman in her field to address culture-specific HR issues in India. This women-led organisation has grown to become a pioneering strategic HR consulting firm, providing innovative HR solutions to globally recognised corporations.
  • The late Ms. Pratibha Sheth provided expert advice to a wide range of organisations, including multinational and Indian companies for more than 30 years.
  • Her areas of expertise encompassed organisation development, performance management, recruitment and training.
  • She was a behavioural scientist and reputed trainer, mentoring and training several senior leaders in prominent positions.
  • Her clients included global and Indian companies in a range of industries that relied on her expert advice as the last word in HR.
Other Positions
  • Advisor to renowned business families of India for succession planning.
  • Coach to several MDs and Leaders of large Multinational and Indian Companies.
  • Honorary Executive Director of an award-winning NGO that encompassed four large medical and social welfare projects, trying to treat and eradicate Leprosy and TB in economically underprivileged areas.
  • Board / Advisory Member of several NGOs.
Teaching, Publishing & Other Interests
  • The late Ms. Pratibha Sheth served as a visiting faculty member and advisor for the MBA program at the University of Mumbai, contributing her expertise to ten prestigious institutes.
  • She was a beloved and revered faculty member among all her students, who attribute their success to her involvement in their academics as well as her mentoring in their lives.
  • She had written an acclaimed thesis on family planning.
  • She was involved in many charity and Non-Governmental Organisations over the years.
  • She was also involved in the education sector and conducted teacher training programs for government schools.
Education & Certifications
  • The late Ms. Pratibha Sheth held a Master’s in Social Work (MSW).
  • She had professional training in Counselling, Therapy, Behavioural Science, Sensitivity and Individual Assessment.
  • She had also completed her EST training offered by Werner Erhard Associates, USA.
Other Positions
Teaching, Publishing
& Other Interests
Education &
Expertise Areas
  • The late Mr. Tarun Sheth was known as the Management Guru of India. He was renowned for organisation strategy, design and restructuring, as well as the introduction of job evaluation systems, performance management, organisation development, coaching and advising on business strategy.
  • He helped in developing vision and mission for various companies, including those in the Beverages, Private Equity, FMCG and other sectors.
  • He was actively engaged in Executive Coaching and Mentoring individual senior executives. He has coached CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives from Indian and multinational companies in the U.K. and U.S.A.
  • Mr. Tarun Sheth joined Shilputsi Consultants as Director from Unilever, where he spent 18 years as Head - National Director - Management Resources & Unilever International Training Advisor.
  • He was the custodian of the integration of management of Lipton India Ltd., Ponds and Brooke Bond with Hindustan Lever Ltd. He also oversaw the organisational restructuring of Hindustan Lever Ltd., Lipton India Ltd., Lever Brothers Bangladesh Ltd. and the formation of training departments in Pakistan and Zimbabwe.
Other Positions
  • The late Mr. Sheth was Global Faculty for Motorola University, USA. He conducted courses on leadership development at Singapore, Beijing, Taipei, Florida, Chicago, Melbourne and Rome for Senior Managers in Motorola.
  • He was also a Director on the Board of several companies including Bank of India, Arvind Ltd., etc.
Teaching, Publishing & Other Interests
  • Founding Academic Member and Professor at IIM Ahmedabad.
  • Professor of Organisation Behaviour at JBIMS
  • Professor of Sociology at MS University, Baroda
  • Retained columnist for Business Today for over 5 years.
  • Guest Writer for various business and financial newspapers and business magazines.
  • Trustee, CERC (Consumer Education and Research Centre)
  • Formal member of the personnel committee of the Railway Reforms Commission.
Education & Certifications
  • Master of Arts, MS University, Baroda
  • Pursued ITP at Harvard Business School, USA, while simultaneously attending a one-year Management of Change program at Sloan School of Management, MIT.
  • Laboratory Training at NTL, Washington, USA
  • EST training conducted by Werner Erhard Associates, USA
  • Unilever Courses - General Management Course, U.K. for Senior Managers
  • Management of Change, Tavistock Institute, U.K.
  • Designing Organisation Structures, Unilever
  • Unilever International Workshops for Managers – 5 years
  • Unilever International Workshop on Job Evaluation, Performance Appraisal and Remuneration
Board and
Other Positions
Teaching, Publishing
& Other Interests
Education &
Expertise Areas
  • Shilpa Sheth has 30+ years of experience as a business consultant specialising in strategy and management in the areas of Profitability and General Business Strategy, Human Resources, Executive Search and Marketing.
  • In her varied career, she has led teams of professionals and helped large and small organisations in growth and turnaround situations by helping them develop paths towards achieving business objectives, utilising best practices from different industries and environments.
  • She has provided training in leadership, management development and communication to executives. She has mentored and coached entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive management towards becoming more effective leaders
  • Her clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurial companies and start-ups. She has been a consultant in India as well as the US.
  • Her multifunctional and business-objectives-based approach, complemented by a strong ability to successfully communicate and work with various levels of management and different constituencies, are some of the many reasons clients have sought her out and relied on her advice.
  • Her strength lies in thoroughly understanding the client company and its business and providing input that is both strategic and practical with a clear path to implementation. Clients have always been impressed with her brilliant intellect, sharp insights, astute analysis, holistic business approach and special facility of being able to work at all levels of the client team to ensure smooth execution.
Other Positions
  • Prior to her consulting career, Shilpa was in charge of marketing for 27 brands for Britannia Industries and managed sales at the consumer products division of a large chemical company.
  • Coach and Mentor to over 50 young leaders across domain areas in leading organisations.
Teaching, Publishing & Other Interests
  • Shilpa has been a guest faculty member at various business schools.
  • She has anchored two television shows on Business Leaders and Management.
  • She has also co-authored a Career Counselling column in a business magazine for many years.
  • Shilpa has been involved with several non-profits and educational institutions.
  • As a member of the Board of Trustees of one such non-profit, she devised a strategy that helped the non-profit become financially independent, allowing it to provide over 150 formerly destitute women with a pathway to independence, security and dignity.
Education & Certifications
  • Shilpa has an MBA in Marketing & HR Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA).
  • She has also completed her BSc (Bachelor of Science), Mathematics and Statistics from St. Xavier's College, Bombay University.

Why Shilputsi Is Your Ultimate HR & Talent Partner

Imagine a symposium of minds that's as diverse as the array of industries they've served! Shilputsi is that journey of collaboration, discovery and empowerment.

We are not confined to one playbook; we have a well-thumbed library of strategies tailored for each unique scenario. We're not here to only tell you what to do, we're here to guide you; armed with a toolkit of questions, insights and solutions that set you on the path to better talent management.

The embodiment of 45 years of wisdom and values, Shilputsi promises that when you walk with us, you're not just walking towards success; you're pioneering it.

Because when you succeed, so do we.

1. Trusted Partners with Strategic Solutions and Execution capability

When businesses find themselves at a crossroads and where traditional solutions fall short, our consultants come armed with the power of innovation. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and delve into the heart of challenges. We understand that behind every business issue lies a tapestry of talents, ambitions and aspirations. We don't just solve puzzles; we pave the way for growth, transformation and excellence.

And when the time comes to execute, we're not just consultants; we're partners, walking alongside you as you bring transformation to life.

At Shilputsi, we are your partners who will commit to holding your hand and supporting you. We provide a complete spectrum of services to take care of every HR need of an organisation and its stakeholders. From setting up entire HR systems to providing problem-specific personalised solutions, we are your partner for challenges in the realm of Strategic Human Resource and Talent Management Space.

Our experience isn't just a checklist of achievements; it's a canvas painted with lessons learned, hurdles surmounted and victories celebrated.

2. Deep Expertise & Thought Leadership

Shilputsi Consultants has sculpted its robust reputation over the course of 45 remarkable years. From multinational giants to homegrown Indian enterprises, from ambitious, mid-sized ventures to the nimblest of young businesses, Shilputsi's footprint is etched across a diverse set of industries and geographies

What sets Shilputsi apart is the fusion of leadership and consulting brilliance that extends beyond boardroom discussions. We stand at the helm of esteemed companies; our voices being heard where decisions are made — a vantage point that few possess. By infusing our insights into our offerings, we create a competitive edge in every solution and provide wisdom that's derived from being a part of the pulse of our client companies

Real-world governance objectives, the intricate patterns of industry practices and the interconnectedness of networks bring perspectives that are as unique as they are profound. When our clients seek counsel, they're not met with a template, they're embraced by insights tailored to their context, challenges and ambitions.

3. Unparalleled Service & Bespoke Unique Methodology

We recognise that challenges in talent management and business are like icebergs; what you see is often just a fraction of what lies beneath. Whether it's unravelling the intricacies of an HR diagnostic or facilitating the transition of a family-owned enterprise, our approach isn't just about addressing the obvious; it's about uncovering the layers that often remain concealed. We bring a magnifying glass to both the overt and the subtle, peeling back the layers to reveal the complex dynamics that influence your journey and hinder your progress.

Armed with insights gleaned from our in-depth evaluation, we then set about designing enablers —solutions that not only bridge the gaps but also empower your growth.

We don't shy away from tough questions or challenging conversations. We employ tools that delve into nuances, probes that penetrate to the core and approaches that invite honest introspection. Our solutions are rooted in robust research, nurtured by distinctive insights and unique methodologies.

Meet the Team

At the core of Shilputsi Consultants' growth is a strong and vibrant team of qualified consultants and associates. They collaborate across capabilities and partner closely with clients to ensure optimal outcomes. This dynamic team doesn't just advise; they co-create tailored solutions, infusing years of experience into every step. Their energy and expertise are the driving forces behind Shilputsi's journey, shaping success through dedication and collaboration.

Full-time Consultants

Our full-time consultants boast a treasure trove of experiences that span across a multitude of industries. They've navigated the intricacies of various organisational cultures, from the bold and dynamic to the traditional and steadfast. Businesses of all sizes, ranging from nimble startups to corporate behemoths, have been their playground. They've deciphered the enigma of management structures that run the gamut from streamlined hierarchies to intricately woven networks.

What truly sets our consultants apart is the alchemy of their expertise. It's not just knowledge; it's a fusion of insight, innovation and inspiration. When faced with the most daunting challenges that businesses and talents can muster, our consultants don't just provide solutions; they craft ingenious pathways.

So, whether it's a tech startup grappling with scalability, a traditional enterprise embracing digital disruption, or a conglomerate seeking to reinvent its corporate DNA, our full-time consultants stand as unwavering guides. With a repository of experiences that mirror the kaleidoscope of industries and challenges, they're not just consultants; they're catalysts for evolution, armed with the expertise to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Our full-time consultants have vast experience working in multiple industries with varied organisational cultures, business sizes and intricate management structures. They bring expertise which helps provide innovative solutions to challenging and complex business as well as talent issues.

Adjunct Consultants

Our team of adjunct consultants brings diverse and specialised expertise that we offer to clients facing industry-specific challenges related to talent and HR practices. These consultants are experienced professionals, including ex-CEOs, CXOs and board members, who bring valuable insights and premium experience to help clients navigate difficult areas of talent management and business. Additionally, the fact that our specialists are based in different parts of India allows our clients to access their expertise locally, enhancing the convenience and effectiveness of our services.

By leveraging the knowledge and experience of these adjunct consultants, Shilputsi is well-equipped to provide targeted and high-quality solutions to our clients' unique challenges. This approach can offer a significant advantage to our clients, as they receive advice and support from individuals with a deep understanding of their industry and its intricacies

Research & Analysis Team

Powering the engine of Shilputsi's insights are our expansive research team and efficient back-office operations.

With diligence, they conduct comprehensive research studies that serve multiple purposes. First, these studies facilitate benchmarking, allowing us to measure and assess our clients' progress against industry standards. Second, they involve information mining, unearthing valuable data to fuel our solutions. Third, this research extends and cultivates our knowledge base, ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry trends and practices.

Lastly, this team's efforts expand and nurture our network, forging connections that enhance our ability to offer strategic guidance. In essence, they form the backbone of our expertise, ensuring that Shilputsi's solutions are always rooted in thorough research and up-to-date insights.