Empowering Global Leaders through

Learning & Leadership Development

With a firm belief in the intrinsic value of individuals, Shilputsi Consultants in Mumbai curates a range of Leadership and Executive Development programs. These initiatives are designed to nurture both emerging and established skilled individuals, shaping them into visionary global leaders who drive transformation across their industries. Join us at Shilputsi Consultants as we shape the future of leadership through dynamic programs that empower individuals to become global pioneers in their respective domains.

Shilputsi Consultants takes pride in their Trademarked programs contributing to fostering inclusive and effective leadership.

Our Learning and Leadership Development Methodology

  • Competency Enhancement: We believe that leadership begins with individual growth. Through personalised coaching, we help individuals identify their strengths, areas for improvement and untapped potential. By enhancing competencies and instilling a growth mindset, we empower leaders to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to their organisations.
  • Decision-Making Proficiency: Effective leaders are adept decision-makers. Our mentoring approach encourages independent thinking while providing guidance and diverse perspectives. By nurturing a strong decision-making foundation, we equip leaders to navigate complex challenges with confidence and clarity.
  • Strategic Leadership Team Building: Successful organisations are built on cohesive leadership teams. Our methodology focuses on fostering teamwork, collaboration & strategic alignment within leadership groups. By aligning goals, values & strategies, we create a powerful synergy that drives the organisation forward.
  • Skill Enhancement: Leadership is also about management. Our management training sessions provide insights into various skill sets and management styles. Through hands-on exercises and case studies, we enhance awareness of effective management practices, ensuring that leaders can efficiently guide their teams.
  • Interactive Sessions: Our learning experiences are enriched by interactive sessions led by mentors with over 20 years of industry expertise. These mentors share real-world insights, practical examples and proven strategies, providing participants with valuable knowledge and guidance.

Our Focus Areas

1. Shilputsi Open Programs

2. Bespoke Corporate Programs

3. Behavioural & Personality Assessment, Bespoke Mentoring & Coaching