Strategic HR Advisory

Shilputsi Consultants is a prominent player in the field of strategic HR consulting. Our focus on HR remodelling and strategy, tailored to the specific business and organisational goals of our clients, showcases our commitment to providing innovative solutions. We not only address traditional HR concerns but also offer insights into broader organisational aspects that contribute to overall success.

Our client-centric approach is demonstrated by the emphasis on understanding client requirements and analysing them thoroughly before providing solutions. By offering a variety of innovative solutions, we showcase flexibility and adaptability to different situations and challenges that multinational companies might face.

As a leading Indian strategy consulting firm, Shilputsi is dedicated to helping businesses navigate complexities in the HR and organisational landscape, ultimately aiding them in achieving their pursuits and goals. Our comprehensive suite of services offers holistic support to organisations seeking to enhance their HR strategies and overall performance.

Focus Areas

Overall, our approach comprises of a deep understanding of the various facets involved in preparing organisations for a future that demands responsible practices, a clear vision and adaptive cultures.